Danielle Menditch, Inner Compass Coach founder

Individual Coaching Services

  • Individual Coaching

    You may be more comfortable working through your career transition in a private setting. If you want a completely customized experience and my undivided focus, we can work one-on-one. I’ve helped clients transition into rewarding careers, move into management/leadership positions, start successful businesses, overcome work-related obstacles, and prepare for successful job interviews.

  • Is Individual Coaching For Me?

    Individual coaching is for you if one or several of these circumstances apply.

    • You prefer to work one-on-one on clarifying your career direction, instead of a group setting.
    • You are in a highly visible role in your company and need the utmost confidentiality.
    • You own a business and are deciding if you need a termination plan or to redefine your role.
    • You are considering entrepreneurship and unsure how to make the transition.
    • You want to overcome a problem at work such as a bad boss or a work-related incident.
    • You want to become a master delegator and less overwhelmed in your supervisory position.
    • You want to rebuild your confidence after a bad work experience.
    • You want to learn proven techniques to help you get to the core of “what do I really want.”
    • You have an upcoming job interview and want to feel more confident and prepared.
    And you’ll get to know yourself in ways that you never thought or expected. This will not only help you in your professional life, but your personal life as well. 
  • What Individual Coaching Includes

    • Highly customized exercises, notes, and action items after each session.
    • Phone and email support in-between meetings to answer questions.
    • The ability to record each session virtual session, so you can go back and review.