Consulting for Business Owners

Do more of what you love and make money doing it.

  • Why Hire Me?

    You started a business to do what you love. But perhaps you’ve become pigeonholed in doing work because it makes money. Suddenly your business feels like a burden.

    You are probably stuck doing something you don’t enjoy because you can’t see another way, but in my experience, the path to greater happiness and fulfillment is right in front of you – you just can’t see it.

    I will help you see that more aligned path, and I will support you make the transition.

  • How does this work?

    • In our complimentary consultation, we will explore your current model to evaluate where you’re out of alignment.  Then I will create a customized consulting plan, usually 4-6 sessions.
    • Before the start date, we’ll schedule a 10-minute call so we can take care of the housekeeping.
    • Our 4-6 sessions will be 1.5 hours each.
    • We will meet weekly or biweekly, depending on your schedule and your needs.
    • After coaching is done, we will have one or two optional 10-minute calls to keep you in a container of support.
  • What we’ll cover

    • If you need more clarity on the bones of your business, we will identify your mission, vision, and core values.
    • I will help you discover what’s igniting you and what’s burning you out.
    • We will pinpoint what ignites you that also makes money, and use that knowledge to move your business forward.