Peel the layers back and rediscover you!

  • What Makes This Different:

    If you’re looking for support with career direction:

    • I have a four-session process that is rooted in career development and clinical psychotherapy research that includes mindfulness practices to support more work-life balance and satisfaction.
    • The first two sessions are designed to help you introspect and reflect on specific childhood memories that uncover underlying motivations, passions, beliefs, and values. We get to the root of the question, “What do I want to be when I grow up?”.
    • The second two sessions are designed to help you identify your transferable skills and perform extensive career research. When you are finished, you will have honed in on several careers and industries to target and an effective networking strategy to help you get a job or start a business.
  • How it works:

    • The four sessions are designed to fast track you over the course of one month to find a rewarding career that meets your financial needs.
    • Join me on a video conference call. Record the sessions so can go back and review.
    • Choose individual or small-group coaching.
  • Why Work With Me:

    • I’m intuitive as heck and I know what to say and just how to say it to support you in weighing options and evaluating decisions.
    • I’ve been in this industry for over seven years and have worked with over 400 individual clients in my private practice alone! I promise I’ll be real with you about what careers will pay and what you can realistically expect in your transition.
    • I’m a trained therapist who can support you with work-related conflicts.
    • I include techniques and exercises that are specific to your needs to help your personal and professional growth.

The Inner Compass Coach process