Inner Compass Coaching

Using your intuition to make work easier.

  • What makes this different?

    Are you stuck in a negative pattern in your career, like bad relationship(s), poor work/life balance, or low self-confidence?

    Your attempts to break that pattern, such as self-care and introspection, are not working because they are not getting to the core of what you need. To get unstuck, you have to meet the needs behind the pattern – and once you do, everything will change for the better!

    If you’re looking to feel more energized in your current job, this course is for you.

    I will help you build healthy emotional habits, tap your intuition, and improve your communication skills so that you can thrive in the workplace.

  • How it works:

    • This three-month, weekly, step-by-step process is rooted in career development and clinical psychology.
    • This is not a superficial process. You are going to go deeper than ever before and learn to trust yourself.
    • Each homework assignment includes a video to introduce you to new material, and each session helps you practice and integrate the teachings into your life.
    • Join me on a video conference call or in-person. You have the option to record the sessions so you can go back and review.
    • Choose individual or small-group coaching.