I’m hopeful!

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I’m hopeful despite these tough economic times.

I started my career in career services in 2009, during the financial crisis, and my business in 2013 during the start of the upturn. 

With the volatility of the stock markets, the looming Coronavirus, and a subsequent economic downturn, these times can be scary. 

I started my career in career services in 2009, during the financial crisis, and my business in 2013 during the start of the upturn. 

With my history in career services, I am incredibly hopeful, and here is why. 

 1. We have an opportunity to reset the work-life balance equation-

During the 2008 financial crisis, companies had massive layoffs and expected more from the employees they retained.

The work-life balance became so off-balance because one employee would do the work of three employees. When the economy began to grow again, the expectations of our workforce remained similar to that of the financial crisis- long hours and high-performance expectations. Our workforce has become so overworked, and stress levels have become higher than ever. 

I am hopeful that social distancing allows us to have more time with our families as we explore working from home. Our workforce has desperately needed to recalibrate our work-life balance, and now it is being forced upon us. 

 2. Creativity and ingenuity are going to be more critical now more than ever-

Many companies survived the last recession such as Groupon, Amazon, Netflix, and Citigroup. There were also new companies that blossomed such as Lyft, Zoom, WP Engine, and so many more. What was the commonality with all these companies- the creativity and ingenuity behind their products and services.

Companies who work quickly to shift their business models will survive this possible downturn such as the restaurants that changed into efficient and hygienically safe delivery services, the companies that figured out how to turn their conferences virtual, and the hotels that figured out how to get customers to pre-book vacations

I am hopeful because we need your creativity and ingenuity during times like this to come up with ideas on how companies can survive and eventually thrive again.

3. Our workforce will adjust-

Yes, we are already witnessing specific industries taking a significant hit such as hospitality, travel/tourism, restaurants/service industry.

On the other hand, certain industries continue to hire, such as technology, e-learning, delivery services, and healthcare.

I am hopeful that in the next few weeks, many businesses will figure out how to remain afloat while employees work remotely, and hiring will restart with virtual interviews in the spring.

I am also hopeful that industries such as hospitality, travel, tourism, and services will pick up again over the summer.

We need optimism, positively, logic, creativity, innovation, and love more than ever. What part do you want to play during this situation?

About the Author:

Danielle Menditch, LCSW, GCDFI, CCSP, has more than eight years of experience in career development. As Founder of Inner Compass Coach, she uses a unique blend of career development and psychology to help her clients get unstuck and guide them towards a fulfilling and financially rewarding career.

Danielle has presented her one-of-a-kind approach to career transition in articles in National Career Development Association’s (NCDA) Career Convergence Magazine, SkillScan, SharpHeels, the Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle, and The Coloradoan.

Danielle earned a Master of Social Work at the Graduate School of Social Work at the University of Denver. She is the prior Events and Outreach Chair for the Colorado Career Development Association. Additionally, Danielle is a Global Career Development Facilitator Instructor.

To schedule your 20-minute complimentary consultation with Danielle, please go to https://innercompasscoach.com/contact/

Why I Want You to Write a Love Letter this Valentine’s Day

I want you to write a love letter to yourself this Valentine’s Day. Why? Because you deserve it.

How often do you acknowledge yourself and how wonderful you are? How often do you demonstrate self-love?

If you’re anything like me, I’m sure it’s easy to forget.

This morning, I sat down and wrote myself a love letter. I was surprised because it was partially a list of character traits I was grateful for and a list of changes I want for myself- to be more present, to be less future focused, to enjoy the moment. I was surprised how much I appreciate myself for my wisdom, intuition, and big heart. As I wrote all of these things down, I felt my heart grow bigger and felt a lot of self-compassion.

If you can give any gift to yourself this Valentine’s Day, write yourself a love letter. Sit down, and put your heart, your mind, and your soul into it and see what comes up.

And if it’s hard to write yourself a love letter, do it for someone else. It’s easy to buy chocolates or flowers on this holiday, but it’s much harder to open up and be vulnerable.

So give this a try. Let me know how it goes.

Happy Valentines Day!

Love (because I have a ton of it to give),

My Rebrand

With the arrival of fall, change is in the air! I’ve noticed that many of my clients have been making major changes in their lives, whether it be internal such as mindset shifts or external such as changing careers. I’ve also been making some major changes including selling my home, moving into an apartment downtown, rebranding my […]

Why You Should Pray Even if No One is Listening

I promise you this article is not going to get religious on you. There are so many reasons people pray —perhaps they want change, to receive something, connection to God, forgiveness, healing or something else.

I personally like to pray during life transitions. Not because I think there is someone listening, but it’s a meditative act to help me get crystal clear on my wants, needs and deepest desires. In turn, I’m listening to myself.

I began praying several years ago during a major life transition. I wasn’t sure that anyone was listening or that my prayers would be answered, but I knew I needed another outlet.

I tried different methods of praying such as putting my hands to my forehead where my third eye would be activated, my palms to my heart, kneeling, walking, and the list goes on…

I found myself asking for so many things to change and then I felt guilty because I thought that I should only be asking for things that are selfless.

I thought I should give up because prayer didn’t seem to work and then I decide to push my judgement aside—I realized that prayer was a power tool to help me realize what I want. If I didn’t put any expectation or how prayer should look or the outcome I should receive, the power in itself was my clarity.

In a society where we are given messages through media that we don’t know what we want and we need material things to fulfill ourselves, our true desires get muddled.

Clarity in itself is such a powerful gift.

Prayer is the tool in which I can look into myself and see where I can take action or who I can receive help from to make a needed change.

If you are in any life transition and need clarity, try praying. Worse comes to worse, it doesn’t work for you and you try something else.

You Can Make a Difference!

make-a-differenceWhen you were a kid, what difference did you want to make on the world? Was it to feed the poor… save suffering animals… fight for equal rights?

Do you remember that distinct moment you felt like you couldn’t make a difference? When you felt your impact was very insignificant?

I remember as a child, I wanted to make everyone feel included. It didn’t matter what clique they were in, I just wanted to get to know them. I didn’t care about color, gender, race or ability because I was motivated by unconditional acceptance and connection.

I also remember the day I felt I couldn’t make a difference. It was when I was in the 6th grade and this boy called me a lesbian as a way to make me feel bad about myself. I didn’t understand the meaning of lesbian, but I felt excluded, different and unworthy.

Over the last week, I’ve been sitting on a committee evaluating grant proposals submitted by youth to fund an initiative that would make an impact on their local community. It’s been inspiring to read the about the perseverance of these youth to achieve their goals! Several of the applications shared that if they didn’t receive the grant, they would find other ways to secure the funding.

It made me realize that sometimes the only thing holding me back from making the impact or legacy is myself and my limiting beliefs; similar to the way I felt when that boy called me a lesbian in the 7th grade.

When we believe we cannot make an impact or have a career that can be meaningful, then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy.

In order to make that impact, we’ll have to try different things or adjust our plan (such as changing careers) in order to persevere. We’ll also have to get in touch with our inner-child when we believed we could make a difference.

Next Tuesday, June 28th from 7-9:30 PM MST, I’m hosting a small group workshop, Career Impact, Legacy and Footprint. For a nominal cost of $36.00, you’ll get crystal clear on the legacy and impact you want to leave on this world and gain a better understanding of how your career fits into the picture. It’s going to be awesome!!!  To learn more and register, click here.

I hope to see you there!