Career Management Coaching

  • What makes this different?

    If you’re looking to find more personal fulfillment in your current career, this course is for you. The goals are to help you to create a better work/life balance, improve workplace relationships, develop strategies to handle difficult situations (and feel better while doing it), and focus more on the work that you love.

    • This three-month, weekly, step-by-step process is rooted in career development and clinical psychotherapy research that includes mindfulness practices to support more work-life balance and satisfaction.
    • The process starts by choosing a specific area of work you want to focus on, such as work/life balance, improving communication, delegating, becoming a better leader, working through conflict, etc.
    • This is not a superficial process. You are going to go deeper than ever before, then take decisive action. Each session starts with a learning objective to introduce you to new material, the second part of the session is to help you engage your intuition in order to make decisions from a place of alignment. 
    • Each session includes a homework assignment to support you in practicing the skills developed in each session. All of this leads to the last three sessions are focused on building and implementing an action plan.
  • What will this course cover?

    Part 1: Identifying and Meeting Your Needs (3-sessions)- What is the key to finding a better work-life balance- the ability to idenitfy and meet your needs. The first three sessions focus on building self-awareness around your needs and building positive habbits to honor them.

    Part 2: Strengthening Relationships (3-sessions)- The second part of this process is applying your self-awareness to your workplace relationships. You will improve your communication skills and effectiveness as an employee and/or leader.

    Part 3: Identifying and Targeting Triggers (3-sessions)- There are situations in the workplace that cause you to experience a domino of negative thoughts, feelings and actions. You will develop self-awareness to the triggers that usually lead you down a rabbit hole and form a new positive response.

    Part 4: Taking Action (3-sessions)- To make meaningful changes, you have to plan and act on the things you want to do differently. You will gain tools to support work/life balance, and effective communication techniques. You will develop strategies to become a better delegator so that you can spend more time doing the things you love. More importantly, you’ll receive support along the way.

  • What Career Management Coaching Includes

    • Highly customized exercises, notes, and action items after each session.
    • Phone and email support in-between meetings to answer questions.
    • The ability to record each virtual session, so you can go back and review.