Career Direction Coaching

To get unstuck, you have to come full circle and rediscover you.

  • What Makes This Different:

    Are you feeling unfulfilled and unsure of your career next steps?

    Have you tried career assessments and other methods to figure out your next steps, but are still spinning your wheels?

    To get unstuck, you have to come full circle, back to your childhood, and rediscover you.

    Our memories of childhood, both happy and unhappy, help provide immense insight as to what comes naturally to us in our career – the problems we love to solve, what motivates us deeply, and the contributions we want to make through our career.

    The Full Circle Coaching Process helps you connect the dots between your past and present – to help you clarify the career options that are in more in alignment with the true you. 

  • How it works:

    • We’ll meet six times over the course of two months to help you find a rewarding career that meets your financial needs.
    • Join me over the phone or Zoom.
    • Choose individual or small-group coaching.