Danielle Menditch, Inner Compass Coach portrait

Meet Danielle Menditch

Founder, Inner Compass Coach

In the fifth grade, I was severely bullied by three girls and hid that incident for years.

Fast forward twenty years later, I had worked in the nonprofit field as a high school social worker, career development facilitator, and as an event planner. My work in the nonprofit sector burned me out, so I began working with a career coach.

As I was trying to figure out my direction, I had a moment of clarity. I was looking at job titles for things I was qualified for and good at, rather than trying to discover what career would give me a sense of purpose and true happiness.

That’s when I started my quest for my life purpose. When I began confronting my story of childhood bullying, I started recognizing my gifts. I discovered that I was motivated by my desire to connect with others and I became highly perceptive because of my childhood experience.

I realized I had buried my inner compass and stopped listening to my intuition which had always been spot on. I enrolled in classes to develop my intuition again after ignoring it for so long. Now I use both gifts to support my clients in their transformations.

Long story short…I embraced these experiences, and they came to form the basis of the career coaching process I use with my clients today. When we explore our stories of childhood, they bring light to what we are meant to do in our career. The process has been enhanced using the latest research in career development and clinical psychotherapy.

If you’re struggling to find fulfillment and purpose in your career, contact me today. I’d love to learn more about your situation and explore the possibility of working together to help you identify your career direction.